Our Story

Caben Burritos got their start in 1979 in humble Boise, Idaho. Founder, Benny Martinez, was limited in his cooking abilities, which mainly included sandwiches, eggs, and the greatest invention ever, frozen pizza. Thankfully, Mama Maria came to her sons rescue. She taught him how to master authentic Mexican fare as well as produce quantities mess hall chefs everywhere would envy. Benny then spent years perfecting his original recipe burrito, “The Original” sausage burrito. All of Benny’s burrito creations have been tasted and approved by the community, as Benny is known to tote around a little red cooler chalk full of burritos. As the company grew, so did the menu, adding three more flavors of breakfast burritos and lunch/dinner options to appease the growing palates of burrito lovers. In 2012 Benny decided to take his delicious burritos to the Denver market and started Benny’s Burritos. The company has always been a family affair and after three successful years the company in 2015 took the name Caben Burritos, an acronym for the members of the family (Carolyn, Andres, Benny, Erelinda, and Nick). Caben Burritos continues to grow and is hungry for your business!